About Us

Filmy Media

The website, Filmy Media was founded in February 2019. We observed that many people come to read blogs about celebrities and the information available on the internet is fewer that’s why we started this blog to fill the gap. The aim of the website is to provide authentic wiki and biography, news, and updates of Indian celebrities and people who are in the news or are in trends. The articles which we write here are collected from various sources. The information may sometimes not be 100% correct. Please contact us in such a case. we’ll try to correct it if the data is authentic.

Who manages the content? 

The content of the website is managed by experts.

What are our data collection sources? 

  • From authentic internet sources. Example: Times of India, The Hindu, Wikipedia, etc.
  • Getting information directly from celebrities via email and messages.
  • Newspapers, Magazines
  • Interviews
  • Telephonic interviews with celebrities.

For issues regarding advertisements, copyright issues, or ideas sharing, you can contact us directly by visiting our contact us page. Keep reading and post your comments.